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It is surprising that worms, being so small, can transform organic waste and have a huge positive impact in the environment. The amount of money that one can benefit from using those worms can be about millions in a year in Turkish Lira…” Utku, Hande, Cagla, Burgra, and Dicle

The above is what 5 students (16-18 years old) in Istanbul, Turkey found with their YMP project. They created an organic waste collection system based on vermicomposting.  They managed to engage two local municipalities, 5 schools, local markets, and other organisations. Read about the project here.

Below is their interview with the YMP Team. They told us how the project started, about reaching people, and the change they are making!

YMP Team “Hello, I am sitting at the YMP. I am Paola Mendoza. 

Q. Can you tell us your names?

Hello, I am Bugra, I am Utku, I am Hande, and I am Cagla.”

YMP Team  “Just Dicle is missing. But, Thank you for being here.”

Q. What is the name of your project?

“Using vermicompost to recycle organic waste in Turkey”

Q. Tell us about your project. How did you get started?

Bugra – We went first to Meltepé Municipality to get in contact with the people there and talked with them about using vermicoposting in the area of the municipality. With this we could identify more people who would like to do the vermicomposting.

We also went to the organic bazaar, because we wanted to learn about people´s reaction, and also if they knew about vermicomposting or not. We found that there are not a lot of people who know about vermicomposting. So we started to introduce our project,  vermicomposting, because we wanted to teach people about it.

Utku – “They didn´t have a lot of information about vermicomposting, they started to get some information from us. The municipality assigned an area for vermicompositing, and we helped them to improve this area. We gave them some worms that we obtained from a vermicompost company. The municipality keeps promoting this. They are also helping us to contact people.“

So, the first step was education, the second step was applying vermicomposting.

Q. How was it to contact people? Were they open to listen? Was it easy to get them interested (engage them) in your project?

Hande – “It was not easy(laughter)

YMP Team – “Tell us about it!

Utku –Ah, actually, there are a lot of people who don´t like worms. When we showed them the worms they started shouting”.


Q. And the Municipalities?

Bugra –  “The Municipality was engaged. They realised that they could get a lot of advantage, like the money, they can save a lot of money by recycling organic waste. Today, they have to use some trucks to collect the organic waste, if every household used vermicomposting, the Municipality would’t need to collect these waste. So expenses would decrease.”

Q. Here in your report you I see that you are continuing. You continue having informative presentations. With who are you having these?

Bugra- “In our neighbourhoods. Each of our group members presents the project to their neighbours or organisations around where they live.”

YMP Team-Its fantastic. Making the time and the space to work with people around shows leadership. Also the fact that you are reaching people of different ages is wonderful. That is actually a key aspect in attaining more sustainable societies.”

Q. So, how do you think that your project contributed in making a change toward sustainable development? Or did it? Has there been change?

Bugra – “Well, since we were able to reach two Municipalities, Kartal and Meltepé, with a total of 800 inhabitants, we believe that we made a real change in those districts. To be honest it is not a big deal since it is not nationally implemented. However, we have just received news from Kartal Municipality that they will start vermicomposting. So we believe that our project is in a small area, but affects the whole nation. Therefore, we can consider it as a real change. Also since this area is expanding everyday. We are really happy to see the news from Kartal Municipality, which is very far from Istanbul. So, we think that we have made a real change. Or a move to a real change.”

YMP Team – “Yes, we think so too. You reached and engaged so many people.”


To get a better idea about the project read the report in the YMP News.

This is just an example of what Youth can do!

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In our next post at the YMP blog: A conversation with Belgin Arusoglu, the teacher behind this project, the one leading these students. Belgin is currently teaching at high school level at School Ozel Fen Bilimleri Anadolu Lisesi. Istanbul, Turkey. She will tell us why she is in the YMP and what it has brought to her.

Builders or destructors of the upcoming generations

My YMP-Story: Mandar Shah – St Kabir School, Gujarat, India

I would like to thank you all for bringing up such a wonderful course or rather I would say Experience.

YMP or the Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development proved to be a significant headway in my life. YMP platform made me present my perception on a global platform. In the beginning of the programme I thought continuously about the Diploma but later my thinking changed and I involved more in learning rather than recognition. It changed the course of my thoughts and aligned them the way it should be. It has brought me up to feel the joy even of the smallest butterfly fluttering around me and even made me feel sorry about the problems faced by our planet.

This course gave me such kind of knowledge which will remain with me throughout life and also granted me a space to express my views freely. It changed my perspective about everything around me and also made me to learn about what I see. It made me think more and act whenever needed. I am glad that the YMP course has some difficult missions which proved to be challenging, but these challenges finally led to new learning. It made me realise that either we are the builders or we are the destructors of the upcoming generations and also gave me courage to express myself.

All in all, my YMP experience was remarkable and I assure the team that i will pass my knowledge to others.

Yours Truly,

Mandar Shah, Gujarat, India

Student group 12:184 – Project group 13:2

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