Biodiversity – Juan Amarillo Wetland – Colombia

Colombian students Juan PabloDaniel and Jorge explored the nature area Juan Amarillo’s wetland in Colombia. They classified this area as rich in biodiversity.

They shared with us why:

Talking about animals, the wetland has mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes but the class with most species are the birds, being in the top of Juan Amarillo’s food chain. The biodiversity in Juan Amarillo’s wetland is so important that there are migratory animals that live periods of time there, such as the Canadian duck and some migratory bats. There is one typical mammal that lives in the wetland named the “curi” or the Cavia porcellus (same animal). The Cavia porcellus is a member of the order Rodentia, it is not in extinction danger although some neighbors of the wetland hunt it in order to eat it or have it as a pet.

The wetland has great quantities of plants, the majority are water plants such as the Lemna gibba, Juncus Sirpus califirnicus or Limnobium sp, these water plants are the base of the food chain in the wetland with the phytoplankton. As we said before there are a lot of native birds in the wetland, for example: Rallus semiplumbeus that only lives in Cundinamarca and Boyacá (Cundinamarca and Boyaca are “states”. It is like saying “California” and “Florida”). This bird is in extinction danger.

The text above is an extract of three YMP students in their learning journey on sustainable development from their mission on exploring biodiversity in their surroundings.

♦Students: Juan Pablo Arenas, Daniel Reina, Jorge Velasco
Teacher: Martha Cecilia Gómez Tobar
School: Gimnasio Campestre
Location: Bogotá Colombia

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