Too young to start an environmental newspaper? Not for these high school students!

Seven students at the Allvar Gullstrandgymnasiet ( highschool)  in Landskrona, Sweden, currently goYMP-students, have decided to start an environmental internet-newspaper. It is called Miljöposten på Allvar and can be found at

 Redaktionen ht 15

They read articles about Sustainable Development, about
environmental issues and cool climate-smart inventions, and write about them. They also have a Facebookpage: Miljopostenpaallvar

Check it out!

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In the photo: editorial group, students at the Allvar Gullstrandgymnasiet participating in the go-YMP.

Builders or destructors of the upcoming generations

My YMP-Story: Mandar Shah – St Kabir School, Gujarat, India

I would like to thank you all for bringing up such a wonderful course or rather I would say Experience.

YMP or the Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development proved to be a significant headway in my life. YMP platform made me present my perception on a global platform. In the beginning of the programme I thought continuously about the Diploma but later my thinking changed and I involved more in learning rather than recognition. It changed the course of my thoughts and aligned them the way it should be. It has brought me up to feel the joy even of the smallest butterfly fluttering around me and even made me feel sorry about the problems faced by our planet.

This course gave me such kind of knowledge which will remain with me throughout life and also granted me a space to express my views freely. It changed my perspective about everything around me and also made me to learn about what I see. It made me think more and act whenever needed. I am glad that the YMP course has some difficult missions which proved to be challenging, but these challenges finally led to new learning. It made me realise that either we are the builders or we are the destructors of the upcoming generations and also gave me courage to express myself.

All in all, my YMP experience was remarkable and I assure the team that i will pass my knowledge to others.

Yours Truly,

Mandar Shah, Gujarat, India

Student group 12:184 – Project group 13:2

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Student Jatin Garg from Delhi, India writes about the YMP

My YMP-Story

Hi everyone……. I am Jatin Garg from Delhi [student group 13:32]
(KVS Keshav puram)

From the utmost deepens of my heart, i am truly very grateful to the YMP to give me such an opportunity. It was my honor to be a part of this wonderful effort to create a sustainable world.

All the way through this divine journey, i’ve explored the world in a new way. Now i am familiar with a brand new face of the society which was earlier untouched by me, and all this is just because of YMP team. It was not just about answering the questions and gaining more and more credits, but it was connecting to the world via some means of people and create a better world to breathe in.

It has changed my thoughts too…. I was coerced to think at a higher level while doing those assignments. Besides of thinking about the profit, now i think about the environmental consequences of my activities. “What impact will it leave on my society?”, “How will it affect the nature?”, “Will it ruin my surroundings?”- These are the thoughts I have in my mind while doing an activity. And i think that is exactly the YMP is about – To create a sentiment in minds that “It is we who will make the future .”

YMP platform gave a higher level to my simple thoughts. It took them to the global level so that every person sitting in some corner of the world have the power to access it. It was due to this global classroom program only that i was able to share my creativity worldwide.

But still, The most remarkable impact that i got was ‘recognition’ among the students. Sorry for being so selfish, But what to do I couldn’t resist myself from mentioning this. Me and my friends were used to be recognized as ‘YMP students’.
And believe me it brings sensation to my ears………..

I would like to thank the YMP team and CEE for bringing this golden opportunity to me. Now i know that i am a better part of Earth and i have the strenght to think beyond the possiblities.

Thanks to you guys………

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