Do you wonder what bioenergy is all about?

“Bioenergy is booming around the world and with the expansion comes exciting opportunities and some disturbing risks. Learning about bioenergy – from technologies, to resources, to policies – is important to the success and sustainability of the advanced bioeconomy.” Kes McCormick and Karin Willquist

What is bionergy all about? Can we create a more sustainable planet with it? Find out what  bioenergy is and get some ideas on its sustainability in It´s the bioeconomy, stupid! an interactive introductory book to the world of bioenergy (access it for free!) You will also find out why the “stupid” in the title!

This e-book is an interactive guide for school students (16-18) and teachers, which opens the door to understand and engage in the transition from the fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy. Through research based content, maps, pictures, charts, graphs, cartoons, news, discussions, experiments, and activities this book takes you through an easy and interesting learning journey.

Find in it experiences with bioenergy in different countries, including Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, USA, and Ethiopia.

The authors Kes McCormick and Karin Willquist are researchers at Lund University, Sweden. For those in the YMP, Kes McCormick is a close YMP collaborator and author of the Energy sections in the course material. Find more about the authors in the e-book!

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