Sustainable Development Glossary – L

Join a Smart Word! We know how frustrating it can be to read an interesting article on sustainable development and not knowing certain terms. Finding a concise definition on internet can take some time. At the YMP we want to make your reading and learning easier with our Sustainable Development Glossary A-Z.


Is the term that you look for missing in the list below? Let us know in a comment at the end of this page. We will add that term for you!

landfill – (garbage dump) The most common form of disposal of household and industrial waste. Generally, waste is dumped in trenches and covered up with earth.


laureate – Someone who is honoured for great achievements and is a recipient of an award.


lead – Lead is a soft, heavy, and toxic metal, used in building construction and lead-acid batteries.


lead solder – A soft mixture of metals (including lead) used, when melted (changed to liquid form by heating), for joining together harder metals, wires, etc.


“life-cycle thinking” – (life-cycle environmental impact assessment) The study of the effects of a product or activity on the environment through the planning, manufacturer, distribution, use, and final disposal stages. This includes all direct and indirect effects on the environment such as the effects of mining raw materials, energy and materials usage during production, and the problems of disposal of discarded wastes and products.


literate – A person who can read and write.


lithosphere – The solid outer layer of the Earth; includes both the land area and the land beneath the oceans and other water bodies.


littering – People carelessly discarding trash and garbage. This litter is unpleasant to see and may be a menace or a health hazard.


Local Agenda 21 – Local Agenda 21 is a program planned and implemented at the local level to help achieve the greater goals of the Agenda 21 document.


“locally produced” – Goods that are consumed near to the place where they are produced.


logging – The work of cutting down to forest trees for timber and wood products.

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