Sustainable Development Glossary – V

Join a Smart Word! We know how frustrating it can be to read an interesting article on sustainable development and not knowing certain terms. Finding a concise definition on internet can take some time. At the YMP we want to make your reading and learning easier with our Sustainable Development Glossary A-Z.


Is the term that you look for missing in the list below? Let us know in a comment at the end of this page. We will add that term for you!

valve – Mechanical device for controlling the flow of air, liquid or gas in one direction only.


vaporize – To change something from its original state into a vapor or gas.


VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) – A class of common air pollutants; hydrocarbon compounds that have a low boiling point, usually less than 100 degrees Centigrade, and therefore evaporate readily.


volunteer group – Group of people working together without being paid money.

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