What can a teacher gain from the YMP? Interview with teacher Belgin Arusoglu. Turkey

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin´s quote fits what YMP teacher Belgin Arusoglu from School Ozel Fen Bilimleri Anadolu Lisesi in Istanbul, Turkey saw in the YMP. Belgin is the teacher leading the students that have created one of the YMP top projects this year.

Find out why she joined the YMP and what she has gained from this experience.

YMP team Q. How did you know about the YMP?

Belgin:3 years ago I learned about the YMP from a friend. She joined the YMP as a teacher and attended a YMP Global Environmental Youth Convention.”

YMP team Q. Why did you join the YMP?

Belgin: “Because of my major, I have a background in Biology and I am interested in Environmental Ecology. When I searched the YMP website I liked it, because of its practical approach. While I am teaching my students about ecology I need something active, practical. When I am lecturing about ecology students easily forgot what I say. So, I thought that if the students were engaged in the YMP they would learn by doing and thus they would gain practical knowledge about the environment, they would gain a more lasting knowledge.”

YMP team Q. What have you gained from participating as a teacher in the YMP?

Belgin: “Lots of things! As a teacher tutoring a group of students this way is something different. I gained many teaching qualities because as a YMP teacher I inform the students, I get them together, and encourage them. These kinds of things were new to me and now I’m comfortable with them.

Now the YMP has different feedbacks. It is a step in the right direction. Being honest, I have lots of things to do all during the week, teaching, home, and more, so before, I would not make the time to check the assignments of other students. But in the YMP, teachers are encouraged to give feedback so I read some assignments and I learn so many things from those assignments too. I really enjoy being a teacher in the YMP. I am learning.”

YMP team Q (Paola*) “I am also learning. In the YMP we learn all the time and it is in a very fun way. Even after many years there are always new things happening.”

Belgin: “Yes. Actually, I am going to use the knowledge I gained from the YMP website and from the assignments in my courses while I am teaching ecology. I will bring real examples that I have learned in the YMP to my other students.”

YMP team Q. When do the students find time to work with the YMP?

Belgin: “After school. Our school schedule is from 9am to 4pm. After 4pm our YMP students stay at the school and they work an additional one hour for the YMP sessions.”

YMP team Q. What do you think about the YMP global classrooms?

Belgin: “To have a global classroom is a good idea. Because all students get together on the site and they have the opportunity to get in contact with teachers also.  For example, I have made friends with other teachers from the YMP. I have not got in contact with them actively. But this academic year I am planning to get in contact with them and share projects.”

YMP team Q. Do you have any exceptional experience associated with the YMP?

Belgin: “Being involved in the YMP, is very educational, it teaches so many things to teachers and students. Also, I think that the English level of my students increased while during the program. To get in contact with the world, with other YMP teachers and students is very enjoyable. I like that.”

YMP team Wonderful!

Thank you Belgin


* Interview conducted and reported by Paola Mendoza – YMP Team.

What is the YMP? It is the Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development, YMP, a free global web-based education and learning network. It is open for school students 16–18 years old and their teachers. Find more at www.goymp.org

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