Maria Florencia Vattuone shares about Stockholm +40

5 years ago, when I was at school, my English teacher invited us to participate in the “Young Masters Programme”. I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about, until I decided to begin the course.

The course gave me the chance to learn about sustainable development, the environment and societies different from mine. It opened my mind in so many ways and it was a great experience to do my own project work about organic cotton. When I finished the course I got my diploma and was invited to participate at an YMP convention in Beijing. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend for personal reasons.

What’s the funny side of the story? That I was then invited to participate this year in the Stockholm+40 convention on Sustainable development! During this 2 day convention I was able to get to know really important people from the Swedish Government, the public and private sector as well as huge NGO’s that are continually working to improve our way of living. I had the chance to speak to  them, receive their input regarding sustainable finance, environment and living and to share with them my own point of view during our roundtable discussions.

Nevertheless, if I must say that the thing that I treasure the most from Stockholm was the chance to get in contact with young people that share my goals: to change the world we are living in and to make it a good and safe place for future generations.

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