Xu Haofeng shares about Stockholm+40

On the 20th of March I was surprised to receive a mail from a thousand miles away. I was invited to attend the conference Stockholm+40. You can’t imagine how excited I was. For me, it was a meaningful and unforgettable experience to be part of the Stockholm+40 Conference.

On my plane from Beijing to Stockholm (8000 miles), I couldn’t stop the excitement and I had a great longing to see what was going to happen. What a marvelous city Stockholm is!

I have met many outstanding people during the conference. I was deeply impressed by their honesty and warm smiles. My english is not good, but the non Chinese participants communicated with me patiently. I was moved by their patience and respect. I made many friends during the conference. Zeng Weijia, one of my Chinese friends, asked me in surprise, “How can you make so many friends with your shoddy English?” I replied, “I really couldn’t understand what they said at times, but I always nodded and smiled.” I believe smiling can clear up a language barrier.

I am very thankful for the YMP to give me this chance. Without this conference, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet all these lovely people here and get to know them. I’m glad and proud to be your friend!